Help us raise money

It's your challenge, your way!

About the event

The Mace Games unites our global colleagues behind a common purpose – to raise funds for the Mace Foundation in a fun, supportive and collaborate way.

All you’ve got to do is join a pre-set sports team or start your own, and throughout July clock up as many minutes as you can, whilst either raising a minimum of £30 in sponsorship for the Mace Foundation or paying £30 to take part.

You can rack up your minutes in anyway and anywhere that suits you, giving you flexibility and the opportunity to be creative. You’ll be able to complete the distance at your own pace, in your own time (as long as it is within the month of July) whilst being a part of a wider community.

Why not set a team target for how many minutes you would like to rack up across the month of July, or try to beat a PB?

You’ll be able to track your minutes and fundraising, whilst keeping an eye on the leader boards. We know you like a competition – so if you want to see your name in lights on the leaderboard, get involved! The challenge is open to all – why not make your own competition?

By taking part, you could win up to £1,000 for a charity of your choice*. For selected winners, the Mace Foundation will make a charitable donation for the following:

  • Highest number of minutes completed throughout the month (individual & team)
  • Biggest fundraiser (individual/team)
  • Most adventurous
  • Best story/journey
  • Best team

*Winners' chosen charity must align with the charitable objectives of the Mace Foundation.

How your support helps

The Mace Foundation is driven by a passion to positively impact the world around us – and we show it by supporting the charities that you care about most.

By donating to the Mace Foundation – you’re helping support the charities and causes that matter most to every Mace colleague.

You’re helping to change the lives of local communities from Peru to South Africa, Philippines to Greece. That’s because the funds raised by the Mace Foundation go directly back to the charities and causes you choose to support.

You decide how and where we dedicate our funding – through our match-funding and grant-giving programmes, our strategic charity partners, as well as critical global crisis donations as the need arises.

Since 2013, together, we have donated over £8million to charities, giving back to hundreds of communities around the world – making a positive and lasting impact.

This includes examples such as, awarding a grant of £10k to Orange Sky in Brisbane, Australia to help people experiencing homelessness and donating AED 285, 277 to Operation Smile UAE so that 317 children have received life changing operations.

Keep safe during the Mace Games

We know that everyone has different abilities, so you can take part in whichever way you like – even on a space hopper – all we ask is that you make sure that the method you choose to use is safe. Mace's priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our people and their families.

  • Always take routes that are well lit and known to you and let a friend or family member know when and where you are going.
  • Wear appropriate shoes or kit for your challenge: such as hi-vis clothing or accessories for any activities taking place at night.
  • Warm up properly before your activity and don’t push yourself too hard! If you feel unwell or injure yourself, please seek medical advice before continuing your activity.
  • Keep hydrated!